Building with Gingerbread: Five Keys to Creating Successful Structures

Gingertown 2012

  The exercise of imagination comes with no rules attached.  There is no manual and no blueprint for creating the whimsical confectionery constructions of the seventh annual Gingertown celebration.  However, when participating in this year’s ambition to fashion a university campus out of gingerbread, licorice whips, gumdrops, and icing, our colleagues, fellow design professionals, and other friends … Continue reading

On Casinos: A Lesson in Urbanism from Las Vegas

Casino.  The word evokes a visceral reaction for most.  But embrace them or despise them, casinos are no longer an exotically rare commodity confined to Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, and a few remote tribal properties. Casinos more and more are becoming an urban phenomenon.  And as more casinos spring up, it’s more important to … Continue reading